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Living Large in Smaller Spaces

Helping to give students a comfortable, enjoyable and environment flexible enough to meet their changing requirements throughout their school life is the goal of American Contract Furniture's Residential Life Furnishings..

ACFTX residential life product line provides attractive furnishings that give your students the feel of home while providing maximum efficiency and the ability to optimize their living space. Couple our style, durability, superior construction with our competitive pricing and you have true value for your residential facilities.Contact ACFTX today for your Residence & Developer Requirements.

American Contract Furniture's Residential Living Details

Solid Wood Group

For those who love the tradition of wood, ACFTX offers a full line of wood furnishings. Whether it is beds, chests, wardrobes or desks the comfort of wood furniture can be yours at a surprisingly low cost from ACF. With classic lines and a natural beauty all its own our wood line is both functional and attractive providing you with a quality, affordable wood solution to suit any design plan.

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Mixed Medium Group

TThe Mixed Medium Group stylish, contemporary and pleasing to students. American Contract Furniture mixed media furniture brings together metal, wood and laminate to create a unique furniture line for your residential needs. Attractive black metal can be coupled with a variety of finishes to blend with your design requirements.

Whether it's beds, chests, desks, tables or wardrobes ACFTX mixed media is built to withstand the wear and tear of high use environments while remaining pleasing to the eye and your budget.

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Laminate Group

American Contract Furniture's laminate furniture is both durable and cost effective. Engineered to resist stains, scratches and impacts laminate furniture will maintain its beauty for many years. Available in a variety of beautiful options from dark mahogany to a golden oak, ACFTX laminate furniture line is a perfect value proposition for your furnishing needs.

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