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Our Mission

Serving the contract furniture market for over 23 years, American Contract Furniture has built its reputation on unique furniture solutions and outstanding customer service. American Contract Furniture has positioned itself as a small and agile company, quickly responding to ever-changing market demands.

With a highly-qualified and knowledgeable staff, American Contract Furnituremaintains a friendly atmosphere where we can quickly assess the individual needs of each customer. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction has given American Contract Furniture an outstanding reputation among customers and distributors.

We believe business begins with the first customer interaction. So, American Contract Furniture works to ensure a higher level of satisfaction from that first interaction to the sincere 'Thank you' at the end of each sale!

American Contract Furniture

Our Services

In addition to customized furniture offerings American Contract Furniture offers a variety of services, including phased installation and storage management, to ensure the seamless, hassle-free completion of your project. We keep our overhead costs low and pass the savings on to you.

Rich's Crowning Touch Installation Service

  1. We are a licensed contractor in California for installation of FF/E furnishings.
  2. We have processed over 250 W-2 forms annually.
  3. Our project supervisors have over 25 years combined experience.
  4. We have recently handled as many as 2,200 work hours in a two week period, spread out over multiple sites in various states simultaneously.
  5. Trained, certified, and experienced in the best known furniture repair method and materials available.
  6. Our diligent attention to safety has resulted in a perfect record of zero Workman Compensation claims ever.
  7. We have traveled to Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, and most continental U.S. states. We are based near San Diego, California.

By partnering with companies like Rich's Crowning Touch, American Contract Furniture can assure each customer that installations will be efficient and professional.

American Contract Furniture brings reliability and quality to every service we offer. From project site evaluations to daily field management, American Contract Furniture efficiently manages all resources to address any customer concerns and meet all requirements.

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